The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has issued a stern warning to the public regarding a pyramid scheme under the guise of NMK Capital Investment Limited, which has left thousands of unsuspecting investors in turmoil.

The suspicious company, believed to have been registered in 2021, is said to be operating with seven directors, with Ngugi Mucheru Keeru (NMK) serving as the sole Director and Signatory of a related entity, Bidsworth Autorents Capital Limited. 

Both companies are based in Nairobi, with addresses at Corner House and Norwich Union House.

Recent developments have prompted DCI's Serious Crime Unit to intervene, as a surge of complaints from disillusioned victims pour in. 

Investors, who fell victim to this alleged pyramid scheme, claim that their substantial investments have vanished into thin air following a fallout among the directors, with Ngugi Mucheru Keeru going into hiding.

The modus operandi of this scheme lured more than 5,000 investors, enticing them into signing six-month contracts with NMK, with a minimum investment of Sh50,000. 

These contracts promised a monthly interest of 15 per cent or a similar percentage of compounded interest that would be redeemable at the end of the contract period, which was set at six months.

Furthermore, the company expanded its fraudulent activities by offering car hire services. 

It allegedly leased vehicles from unsuspecting members of the public and then rented these vehicles out to individuals and agencies. 

Supposedly, car owners were promised 30 per cent of the proceeds from these rentals. 

In addition, the company delved into off-plan property investments.

Tragically, investors are now reporting substantial losses, not only from their investments but also from payments made for off-plan houses.

Some individuals who leased out their vehicles through the company have lost track of their assets entirely.

In light of these alarming developments, the DCI has issued a public advisory, alerting Kenyans to exercise utmost caution and conduct thorough due diligence before engaging in any ventures resembling this one. 

The investigation into NMK Capital Investment Limited and Bidsworth Autorents Capital Limited is currently underway, underscoring the urgency of this matter. 

These cases serve as a stark reminder that the pursuit of wealth through fraudulent means ultimately leads to devastating consequences for those involved.