Four individuals suspected of operating as brokers to extort bribes in exchange for expediting passport applications have been apprehended following a targeted security operation carried out at Nyayo House.

The suspects are now in custody at Central Police Station and are poised to face a range of charges, including preparation to commit a felony and conspiracy to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki's recent determination to root out corruption within the Department of Immigration Services has set the stage for these arrests.

Expressing his commitment to combating the rampant corruption, Kindiki referred to the Nyayo House passport centre as a "crime scene" and pledged an unyielding battle against the alleged passport cartels responsible for subverting the system.

These arrests come in the wake of numerous complaints from Kenyan citizens who faced travel disruptions due to prolonged passport processing times.

These delays have been attributed to a combination of corrupt practices, malfunctioning printing machinery, and a shortage of passport booklets.

The suspects taken into custody have been identified as Josphat Khamandi Manyonyi, Howard Tsimbagi (also known as Button), Ahmed Ibrahim Sheikh, and Hassan Mohamed Hosman.

The operation's primary objective was to dismantle the network of brokers who exploit the public's vulnerability by soliciting bribes for services that are meant to be provided free of charge.

This exploitative practice has not only triggered public outcry but has also eroded trust in the efficiency and integrity of service delivery.

To bolster the ongoing investigations, the suspects' mobile phones have been confiscated and will be subjected to analysis.

The Interior Cabinet Secretary's determined stance against corrupt officials within the immigration department has now translated into tangible actions with these arrests.

Kindiki's assertion that the Nyayo House passport centre had been compromised by nefarious activities reinforces the government's commitment to cleansing the system of malfeasance.