The National Police Service (NPS) has taken a significant step towards modernization by revealing new designs for its uniforms, aiming to replace the longstanding Persian blue regalia introduced in 2018.

The new uniforms, which were first showcased in February of this year, are now available for public viewing and feedback at the Police Pavilion in South C.

Members of the public, as well as officers, have been invited to offer their opinions on the proposed change.

"The National Police Service kindly invites members of public to participate in the selection process for the proposed Kenya Police Service uniform," the NPS said.

The decision to transition from the traditional blue uniform, which had been a recognizable symbol for law enforcement for many years, was made during the previous government's tenure.

The purpose behind the redesign was to enhance the visibility of police officers and establish a sense of uniformity across all ranks.

This move coincided with the merger of the Administrative Police and the Kenya Police Service, an effort that aimed to streamline operations within the police force.

The unveiling of the new uniform occurred during a meeting at the High Court in which Inspector General Japhet Koome, accompanied by his deputy Noor Gabow proudly displayed the revamped attire.

This marked a significant moment in the journey towards adopting a new identity for the National Police Service.

At present, both the iconic blue uniform and the new designs are in use, allowing officers the flexibility to choose between the two until a final decision is reached regarding which uniform will be retained permanently.

This approach demonstrates a cautious and inclusive transition strategy, taking into account the opinions and preferences of officers who will be wearing these uniforms on a daily basis.

The potential change in uniform was also a point of discussion during the recent campaign season.

The Kenya Kwanza Coalition committed to discontinuing the use of the blue police uniform.