A key suspect in the heinous murder of Detective David Mayaka, whose life was brutally cut short in Kayole two weeks ago, met a fatal end this morning in a dramatic exchange of gunfire with the police.

John Kamau, known by the alias Farouk, was gunned down after he defied orders to surrender and instead chose to open fire on officers.

Kamau, believed to be a prime perpetrator in the tragic killing of Detective Mayaka, emerged from his apartment in Njiru Sub-County armed with the CZ pistol responsible for the deadly shots that claimed the detective's life.

In a shocking act of aggression, he shot and wounded an officer in the left thigh, triggering a rapid and effective response from his fellow law enforcement colleagues.

The ensuing confrontation culminated in Kamau's demise on the second floor of flat B4-124.

The operation was conducted by an elite team of sleuths from the Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau, showcasing their exceptional skills in apprehending dangerous criminals.

The recovered CZ pistol, bearing the serial number B626735 and loaded with 12 rounds of 9mm calibre ammunition, served as a pivotal piece of evidence. Additionally, a collection of assorted mobile phones, suspected to have been forcibly acquired from victims of various city crimes, was discovered in a backpack.

Initial inquiries carried out by ballistic experts from the DCI National Forensic Laboratory have established a concerning a link between the recovered firearm and a series of audacious armed robberies over the past year.

These daring heists targeted MPESA outlets in densely populated residential areas, spanning Nairobi and Kiambu Counties, encompassing Kayole, Buru Buru, Dandora, and Dagoretti.

Further investigations revealed that the CZ pistol was initially stolen during a robbery incident on November 17, 2021, in Ngong, Kajiado County.

The victim, an aide to a former Cabinet Secretary, was ambushed by a gang wielding an AK-47 assault rifle and various crude weapons.

The attackers made off with the firearm, along with 55 rounds of ammunition stored in the victim's safe.

Recent progress in the investigation includes the apprehension of Alex Wanjiru, a significant suspect who was captured in Kikuyu, Kiambu County.

Wanjiru was identified as the motorbike rider used by the gang on the night of the murder.

The motorbike, a red Boxer bearing the registration number KMGJ 350V, was also seized as a piece of crucial evidence.

Meanwhile, the manhunt continues for the third suspect, Henry Njihia, who is considered armed and dangerous.

The tragic incident that led to Detective Mayaka's untimely demise unfolded on August 8 when he and his wife, Kemunto Mayaka, were confronted by a three-man gang while changing a flat tire.

The heart-wrenching scene was captured by nearby CCTV cameras, casting a grim light on the horrific crime that claimed the life of a dedicated officer.

While one officer recuperates in a city hospital, authorities are steadfast in their determination to bring all those responsible to justice.