The Kenyan government has announced its strategic collaboration with both the European Union (EU) and China to accelerate its digital transformation initiatives while prioritizing the security of citizens' data. 

The Information, Communications, and Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary, Eliud Owalo, revealed that talks with representatives from both global partners were held to chart a path forward towards achieving comprehensive digital advancement.

In a bid to bolster the nation's digital capabilities, Owalo highlighted the importance of joint engagement between Kenya and the EU. 

He expressed optimism in establishing this collaboration to reinforce the government's digital transformation agenda. 

"We are expressing optimism of forging and establishing a joint engagement with the EU to enhance the government's digital transformation agenda," he stated.

Owalo emphasized that Kenya is actively strategizing to fortify its policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks concerning data protection. 

The Cabinet Secretary acknowledged the pressing need to counter the growing threat of data breaches and cybercrime. 

"With the recent cases of breach of data security and rising cases of cybercrime witnessed in the past, we will be willing to benchmark and customize on relevant laws to ring fence data protection through the enactment of appropriate laws and statutes," he affirmed.

In what marked the first bilateral engagement between Kenya and the European Union, the meeting showcased Kenya's commitment to enhancing its cybersecurity measures. 

The country has already integrated over 5,000 government services onto the e-citizen platform, and it's determined to establish a robust risk mitigation framework against potential cyber-attacks.

Henriette Geiger, the EU Ambassador to Kenya, lauded Kenya's role in driving digital governance within Africa.

Geiger pledged the EU's support in executing Kenya's digital agenda, recognizing the nation's potential to serve as a pioneering example for others. 

"Kenya is a key partner in digital governance in Africa. It is important to get it right with you so that Kenya could stand as an example for others," Geiger affirmed.

Furthermore, the Kenyan government engaged in discussions with a Chinese delegation led by Minister for Culture and Tourism Hu Heping and Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Zhou Pingjian. 

This meeting revolved around Kenya's major digital transformation endeavors and the enhancement of its Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure.

Kenya's endeavours to form international alliances underscore its commitment to embracing the digital age and ensuring the security of its citizens' sensitive information. 

With the support of the EU and China, the nation is poised to usher in an era of digital innovation while safeguarding data integrity.

As the government's collaborative efforts with the EU and China gather momentum, Kenya is setting a course for a technologically empowered future that will undoubtedly inspire its African counterparts.