Maurice Ogeta, the bodyguard of Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga, has recounted his harrowing experience during his time in police custody.

Ogeta, who was released on Saturday shared shocking details of his alleged abduction, blindfolding, and incommunicado detention.

According to the confirmation by ODM Director of Communications Philip Etale, Ogeta's release came after he was driven while blindfolded and left in the middle of the road in Ruai, towards Kangundo.

In an interview with a local radio station following his release, Ogeta reiterated the claims made by Etale, stating, "They demanded to know the route plan almost 20 times, and I told them my boss was unwell and I wasn't sure if he (Raila) would even come out for the demonstrations, but they continued pressing me to tell them his whereabouts, which I said I was unaware of because I was just heading to the office."

Ogeta explained that he was arrested arbitrarily while en route to work and subsequently taken to the Nairobi Area police station.

He further disclosed that police blindfolded him and transported him to an undisclosed location where he was held since Wednesday.

Ogeta described the intense interrogations he faced, revealing that the police were particularly interested in Raila Odinga's plans for the anti-government protests.

"They questioned me about the guns and my boss' plans for the protests... I think my arrest and detention was about Jakom's (Raila) whereabouts and the route plan," he said.

Regarding his release, Ogeta recounted the dramatic manner in which it occurred.

"I was whisked from the detention room by hooded gunmen who dumped me in Ruai. The masked officers wore gloves to avoid leaving traces. I asked them where I was because I couldn't locate where I was, but one of them dismissed me saying you will just find your way," Ogeta stated.

Before being released, Ogeta was asked to sign an inventory of the items found in his vehicle during the arrest.

However, he expressed reservations, asserting that the content was not accurately captured.

The circumstances surrounding Ogeta's ordeal have raised concerns about potential human rights violations and the treatment of political dissent in Kenya.

Raila Odinga's supporters and opposition members are calling for a thorough investigation into the incident and for accountability if any misconduct is found within the police force.

As the nation awaits further developments on this distressing case, questions are being raised about the state of civil liberties and the protection of individuals exercising their right to peaceful protest and political participation.