When Rachel Kanini, 31, received a strange phone call on Monday from his loving boyfriend, Olujobi Gbenga, little did she know it would see her abducted and later brutally murdered.

Kanini lived with Gbenga, a Nigerian, in a house at Ridgeways along Kiambu Road and on the fateful day he called her informing her he had been involved in a car crash near Muthaiga.

Before she reached Muthaiga to establish what has transpired, she received another call from Gbenga informing her he had been arrested by people claiming to police officers.

In the said call, her Nigerian lover also told her that the alleged cops were taking him to an unidentified police station and that he needed her to accompany him to record a statement.

However, the bodies of Kanini and her Nigerian boyfriend were on Monday discovered in Ruai after the two were kidnapped by yet to be known persons and brutally murdered.

Her close friends believe that the killers used her boyfriend to unknowingly lure her to a location where they pounced on her and placed her in Gbenga’s car and drove off to Ruai.

The bodies of the couple, who are said to have been planning to get married, were found a week after they vanished without a trace after missing person report was filed on June 26.

They disappearance was reported at the Kasarani Police Station in Nairobi under OB 2/26/06/2023 that saw police spring into action in an effort to trace their whereabouts.

The last phone calls she is said to have made to her close friends painted the picture of a woman in distress who asked them to pray for his husband who seemed to be in trouble.

On arriving at the scene, Kanini is believed to have been bundled into Gbenga’s car while her own vehicle that she rode to the scene was dumped at Thome estate near Thika Road.

The car their bodies were found in was later set ablaze leaving behind ashes and making investigations into the murders more difficult as much of evidence went up in smoke.

The two bodies are preserved at City Mortuary to await an autopsy set for Tuesday to find the exact causes of their deaths even as family and friends come to terms with the news.