A six-month free medical consultation SMS and WhatsApp service, courtesy of M-PESA Foundation and Zuri Health, is set to benefit more than 160,000 patients across the country.

Patients attending the M-PESA Foundation-funded free medical camps scheduled on various dates nationwide will gain access to this complimentary service. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to include up to three beneficiaries in this initiative.

The service will be made available to patients treated during the M-PESA Foundation free medical camps, which are organized across all 47 counties.

Notably, the service aims to provide personalized care to patients diagnosed with chronic conditions during the health camps' screening process.

Henry Kilonzo, Senior Manager of Foundation Programmes, expressed the significance of incorporating technology into the free medical camps.

"For the first time, we are incorporating technology in our free medical camps to provide patients with necessary follow-up care after the medical camps. We will also use the platforms to provide patients with health education and self-care tips to help them manage their health more effectively," Kilonzo said.

Patients can access all doctor services by utilizing a dedicated chatbot number and SMS shortcode.

Sir Ikechukwu Anoke of Zuri Health explained, "Using the contact information collected during the camps, all patients will be on-boarded on our services. Our care agents will follow up with patients to find out how they are fairing on and give them tips and guidance on how to manage their health."

Recently, the M-PESA Foundation announced a substantial investment of Sh46 million towards conducting free medical camps in all 47 counties.

The inaugural camp successfully took place in Lamu, marking the commencement of this impactful initiative to improve healthcare accessibility for communities nationwide.