Renowned Kenyan musician and philanthropist, Akothee, took to social media to express her concerns regarding the state of Kenya's tourism industry.

In a passionate Facebook post, she highlighted the need for better marketing efforts and improved infrastructure to attract tourists and investors to the country.

With her extensive travel experience around the world, Akothee firmly believes that Kenya possesses unparalleled natural resources that should be showcased to the world.

"I have always wanted to market Kenya in a different way. But nobody seems to see what I see," Akothee lamented. "All you see on the internet is massive packaging, PR, and marketing which is lacking in Kenya."

Having travelled far and wide, Akothee remains confident that Kenya still reigns supreme in terms of its abundant natural beauty.

Undeterred by the challenges she has encountered, Akothee attempted to make a difference by submitting a comprehensive proposal to the Kenya Tourism Sector. However, her efforts were met with disappointment.

"All is dead on arrival," she exclaimed. Akothee expressed her frustration at the lack of advocacy for tourism, as well as the absence of adequate protection for tourists and investors.

Drawing attention to the issue of bribery, Akothee stated, "Bribery starts from the airport. Tourists are harassed from immigration to when they get into their taxis."

She further criticized the prevalent practice of asking tourists for money, assuming that all Europeans come from countries dealing with dollars.

"It's annoying when people keep asking for money from tourists. This starts right from their landing," she added.

In stark contrast, Akothee shared her experiences at European airports, where no such encounters occurred, emphasizing the need for improved professionalism and transparency.

Akothee highlighted that these seemingly minor issues have contributed to Kenya losing tourists to neighbouring countries.

She believes that simple fixes, such as addressing harassment, streamlining airport procedures, and enhancing overall service quality, could make a significant difference in attracting and retaining visitors.

Despite her concerns, Akothee remains unwavering in her support for Kenya as a tourism destination.

"Kenya will still be my number one tourism destination," she affirmed.

However, she emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy to showcase Kenya's unique offerings to the world.

"I have no idea who is marketing Kenya and where/how they are doing it," Akothee questioned.

She challenged those responsible to prove her wrong and urged all stakeholders to work together to revitalize Kenya's tourism sector.

Akothee's passionate plea serves as a reminder that the success of Kenya's tourism industry lies in the hands of those who can recognize and rectify the small, yet crucial, issues that deter tourists and investors.

By addressing these concerns, Kenya can reclaim its position as a top-notch destination and propel its tourism sector to new heights.