Police have revealed the identity of the driver of the Mercedes Benz S300 vehicle that was involved in a deadly accident at the Pangani tunnel on Thika Road early on Sunday.

Starehe Sub-County Police Commander Fred Abuga revealed that the driver who died on the spot has been identified as James Ogola, who had been given the high-end vehicle to repair.

The mechanic from Fitmax garage rammed a concrete wall at the intersection of Murang’a Road and Wangari Maathai Road minutes after midnight under an unclear circumstance.

The car belonging to Joanne Muthoni burst into flames moments after the crash with Ogola, who managed to exit the car that was headed to town, collapsing and dying meters away.

Photos of the mangled burning car went viral on varied social media platforms on Sunday as many users wondered the state of the vehicle owner they assumed was driving at the time.

Ogola is reported to have picked the luxury vehicle from Muthoni on Thursday to repair it only for the woman to receive calls from close friends and relatives on learning of the crash.

“My phone has been ringing non-stop, and I still have some missed calls that I have not responded to. However, I feel so sad that he lost his life,” Muthoni told Nation.Africa.


According to police, Ogola lost control of the German machine leading to the deadly accident with the resulting fire being extinguished by firefighters from Nairobi City County.

Police revealed that the said mechanic suffered serious burns on his appendages and the lower part of his body making the process of identifying him using his fingerprints difficult.

Following the Sunday crash, police removed the body from the scene to City Mortuary as the wreckage of the affluent vehicle was towed to Pangani Police Station in Nairobi.