President William Ruto’s female Aide-de-Camp made her debut on Thursday during a significant women’s event held at Kenya International Convention Center (KICC).

Lieutenant-Colonel Damaris Agnetta, who was appointed to the post on October 4, 2022, was on Thursday patent behind Ruto during the re-launch of the Women Enterprise Fund.

At the KICC event, the Head of State relaunched the Women Enterprise Fund while also unveiling the second phase of the Hustler Fund economic empowerment programme.

She was appointed four months ago to deputise Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga, who has mostly been seen with the Head of State while he is attending to his official duties.

Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga. PHOTO/PCS

Colonel Lengusuranga and Lieutenant-Colonel Agnetta were appointed to the key posts as President Ruto made significant changes to his security detail after his August 9, 2022 win.

Lieutenant-Colonel Agnetta of the Kenya Army made history as Kenya’s second woman to occupy the post after Colonel Rachel Nduta of Kenya Air Force who was picked by immediate former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta and Colonel Rachel Nduta. PHOTO/PSCU

Lt Colonel Lengusuranga and Colonel Agnetta replaced former ADC Timothy Lekolol and his deputy Rachael Nduta, who was appointed by Uhuru in 2018 as the first ever woman ADC. 

Agnetta, a degree holder, was commissioned in 2003 and is very experienced and disciplined military officer which has propelled her rise the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel. 

Lt Colonel Lengusuranga and Colonel Agnetta. PHOTOS/COURTESY

Lt Colonel Agnetta serves in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), the Kenya Army division. 

For one to qualify to be appointed an ADC they must be in the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel or a full Colonel and above.

An ADC is a highly-trained senior military officer, who is needed to be part of the Head of State’s itinerary at all times although most of the office holder’s tasks remain ceremonial.