On Wednesday, police stormed into the Karen home of former Interior Secretary Fred Matiang'i to obtain CCTV footage of the alleged night raid on the same premises.

This comes after a Nairobi court declined to grant the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) application to compel the manager of the security farm manning Matiang’i’s home to release the CCTV footage.

According to the DCI boss Mohamed Amin, the DCI got a search order to access the said CCTV footage from the CS’s home to assist with their investigations on the alleged police raid.

Matiang’i’s lawyer Danstan Omari confirmed the incident, saying the police raided the CS’s home out of frustration without a court order.

"Out of frustration they drive here in a military form without a court order, get inside the house of the former CS and ransacked his house," Omari said.

According to a security guard at Matiang’i’s home, the officers broke into the house and arrested him after he declined to open the gate for them before placing him in their car, where he spent closer to an hour.

“When they came, they asked me to open the gate and when I declined and I was trying to reason with them they broke in, took me and threw me in the car boot," the security officer said.

"I stayed there for approximately one hour and then they released me. One of them asked me if the client was in and I told them he was not in.”