My dear Kenyans, I stand before you today with a very heavy heart and a lot of fear for my country and your own future in it.

I stand here not as Raila Amolo Odinga, but as a patriot and as your servant with a sacred duty to this country, the citizens and inhabitants of this great land.

Many times before, and with your support, I have stood up for this country, sometimes at very dark times.

But today, I feel the weight of history not just for Kenya but for our beloved continent of Africa.

I don’t speak lightly because I know what I say today will have far-reaching implications for the Republic of Kenya.

So, I appeal to you to lend me your ears and listen to me carefully. I will begin with WAFULA CHEBUKATI AND THE ROGUE IEBC.

In August 2022, Kenyans from all walks of life went to the polls to cast their ballots for President, MP, Senator, Governor, Woman’s Representative, and MCA.

I commend all Kenyans who carried out the sacred and patriotic duty and cast their ballots peacefully.

You expected the IEBC to transmit, tally, and announce the results in accordance with the law and free of bias and corruption.

But the IEBC under then Chairman Wafula Chebukati, two Commissioners (Abdi Guliye and Boya Molu) and CEO Marjan Hussein Marjan formed a cartel within IEBC to the exclusion of the four new Commissioners, disregarded the votes you cast and cooked their own results.

The presidential results announced unilaterally by Mr. Chebukati on August 15 were entirely made up by him and had nothing to do with the votes you cast.

As leaders who also believe in the rule of law, we immediately filed a petition at the Supreme Court to dispute the results.

At that time, our own internal polling data and external, objective, and impartial independent polls all showed that we were headed to victory with a healthy margin.

Let me shift to the matter of the IEBC WHISTLEBLOWERS.

Since August 15, we have conducted our own investigations of the IEBC and the election results. We are convinced – beyond the shadow of a doubt – that our victory was stolen.

It therefore came to us with surprise and great relief that within the IEBC itself there are great patriots and Kenyans of conscience who are willing to risk everything for the sake of our country.

Gallant IEBC whistleblowers have now published the true and authentic results of the 2022 elections. Those who have gone over the data and the forms posted on the whistleblowers’ website have confirmed the authenticity of the data.

The election wasn’t even close. According to the IEBC whistleblowers’ data, we won handily with over two million votes. Allow me to make a few observations about the data.

First, we carried the traditional strongholds of the Coast, Western, Northern Kenya, Lower Eastern, Nyanza, and Nairobi with comfortable, often overwhelming, margins.

But it was our performance in the Mount Kenya region where we broke all records – the people of the Mountain voted for us as they have never done before. I want to thank the inhabitants of the Mountain for giving us an insurmountable margin in the election.

According to the IEBC whistleblowers and our own internal figures, our opponents beat us only in parts of the Rift Valley. Everywhere else across this diverse and great land, we beat them thoroughly.

We know what happened next at the Supreme Court. A compromised court failed to either declare the true victors, annual the elections, or order a rerun because of the glaring violations of the law and the Constitution by the IEBC.

The Supreme Court itself was captured by the cartels that had also captured the IEBC.

The two most critical institutions to elections in Kenya – the IEBC and the Supreme Court – were central to the rigging of the 2022 elections.

We know that the foreign technology companies contracted by the IEBC to run the elections and print the ballots were central to the rigging of the elections.

That is why they and the IEBC refused to provide us with servers and the authentic data as well as the election forms. We also noticed with dismay the involvement of some foreign nations in the rigging of Kenya’s 2022 elections.

In light of the above, here is our CLARION CALL:

1. First, we as Azimio reject the 2022 election results. We cannot and will not recognize the Kenya Kwanza regime and we consider the Kenya Kwanza government illegitimate.

2. We don’t recognize Mr. William Ruto as President of Kenya and we equally don’t recognize any officials in office with him.

3. We demand that the entire infrastructure and records of the 2022 elections at IEBC be made public and be audited by an impartial body. A forensic audit of the IEBC results and servers is non-negotiable.

4. We demand that any attempts to reconstitute the IEBC single-handedly by Mr. Ruto cease forthwith so that Kenyans themselves can reconstitute the body after full and fair deliberations.

5. We reject the empty promises made and being made by the UDA regime. Instead, we call on Kenyans to reject the punitive UDA policies that are making life unbearable. UDA is resorting to these policies because it was not ready and did not get any mandate to govern.

6. In particular, we call on Kenyans to resist and demand the removal of the punitive taxes that have led to punitive costs of basic products and services including unga, milk, sugar, school books, fuel, electricity, bus fare, paraffin and school fees. From today, we call on every Kenyan buying electricity tokens to take a very close look at the statement and see how much of your money actually goes into tokens, how much goes to taxes and how long are we going to live like this.

7. We demand that the Kenya Kwanza government resigns as it has neither the mandate nor the ability to govern the country.

8. We ask our people to say NO to the UDA regime. This regime and its unfortunate and unfair policies must be resisted and the resistance starts today.

Dear Kenyans.

We know that what we do in Kenya matters for Africa and the rest of the world. There will be no reason for citizens of any country to participate in elections only for them to be stolen by domestic cartels in cahoots with foreign companies.

When sort out the mess here, we will be on track to helping Africa and much of the Third World to sort out their elections and ensure no one gets to power through the back door as Mr. Ruto did.

If it is going to take the resilience of the people of Kenya to help Africa sort out it election problems, I am ready to lead that process.

The UDA regime must go!