Police arrested two suspects for masquerading as detectives and terrorising innocent citizens in Kihunguro in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

The suspects were arrested on Thursday night after they raided Elim Shepherd's apartment at around 1 am. 

They introduced themselves as detectives based at the Pangani Police Station, but their cover was not adding up.

The residents of the apartment they raided got suspicious of the criminals and raised an alarm which caught the attention of genuine police officers from Ruiru Police Station, who rushed to the scene.

On seeing they were cornered by the police, one suspect attempted to flee the scene by jumping off the third floor of the apartment, only to land with a thud and injure his head.

The police recovered a fake pistol and a fake police ID from the criminals before they surrendered.

Police rushed the suspect who sustained head injuries while he attempted to flee to Ruiru Level 4 Hospital for emergency treatment while his accomplice was taken to Ruiru Police Station, where he awaits to be arraigned.