The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition has called off the parallel Jamhuri Day celebrations scheduled at Jacaranda Gardens on December 12, 2022.

This was announced on Thursday by the Minority leader Opiyo Wandayi who said the coalition’s top leaders’ engagements prior to and after Jamhuri Day will keep them away.

According to Wandayi, the engagements were subject to confirmation at the time of the parallel Jamhuri Day celebrations announcement.

“Those engagements were awaiting confirmation at the time the announcement of the parallel celebration was made,” Wandayi said.

Opiyo Wandayi. PHOTO/TWITTER

On Monday, the Azimio coalition leadership confirmed that they will hold parallel celebrations.

The decision to celebrate a parallel Jamhuri Day was arrived at following a joint Azimio coalition meeting held at the SKM Command Centre.

“On the 12th of December, we are going to Jacaranda Gardens in Embakasi, not Kamukunji. We will be celebrating Jamhuri Day with Kenyan patriots and it is also going to be a very peaceful congregation. No protests, no picketing, although that is also guaranteed by the constitution of Kenya,” Raila Odinga said.

"On December 12, at Jacaranda Gardens, we will have our own event to celebrate our independence and our republic," Martha Karua said.

She emphasised their celebrations will honour patriots who have sacrificed for the Republic of Kenya and know the bearing the country should take.

"Ours will be a celebration of patriots, those who don't like to hear that word. It will be a meeting of patriots," she emphasised.

"It will be Jamhuri ya Wazalendo, men and women who have made sacrifices for this country and who know where the country is supposed to be heading."

Wandayi also dismissed the government’s pledge to offer free technology scholarships for adults who will attend the Jamhuri Day celebrations at the Nyayo Stadium as a laughable offer.

“We have noted that out of fear of being outnumbered by the People’s Dialogue Forum on the 12th of December, the UDA administration announced that it would offer free technology scholarships to all adults who will be attending the Jamhuri Day celebrations in person at the Nyayo Stadium,” he said.

“It is a laughable offer, as usual not thought out at all. However, we encourage Kenyans to demand the scholarships on arrival at the stadium.”