Police in Kisumu County have recovered more firearms that had been stolen during an attack staged at Kipasi police post in Mbita, on the night of November 16, 2022.

The officers who were on a routine patrol recovered two G-3 riffles after intercepting some suspect who was on an unmarked motorbike on Wednesday night

According to the police report, the motorbike approached the police officers while they were on foot patrol in the night's dead and suddenly upon sighting the officers; the rider switched his direction to the opposite direction.

The officers’ efforts to seize the pillion passenger from the moving motorbike became unsuccessful, but in the ensuing melee, the pillion passenger dropped an enormous suitcase as the motorbike sped off.

A quick search in the suitcase revealed two G-3 riffles, 175 rounds of 7.62mm calibre, 9 7.62mm blanks, one spent 7.62mm cartridge and a pair of handcuffs.

A further probe of the firearms established that the two riffles were part of the cache of firearms that had been stolen during the Kipasi Police Post attack.

However, the two recovered G-3 riffles did not have their buttstock, which brought the number of recovered firearms from the incident to three.

Detectives recovered the first firearm barely 24 hours before the Wednesday night at Abuje village in Nyando, Kisumu County and they arrested a 27-year-old prime suspect named Charles Nyumba Ongany. 

On that fateful night, a group of an unknown number of thugs had broken into the Kipasi Police post’s armoury under unclear circumstances and took off with four firearms including the three G-3 riffles and an AK-47 that is yet to be recovered.

Police thanked the members of the public who volunteered the information that lead to the arrest of the prime suspect and the recovery of the three riffles as they appealed to anyone with information that will lead to the recovery of the AK-47 to come forth with the info.