Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi had asked President William Ruto to take his time to understand why his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta launched subsidies on fuel and maize flour.

Ngunyi advised President Ruto to also take his time to also comprehend why retired president Uhuru used the Kazi Mtaani initiative to uplift poor families during the pandemic.

The man who popularized the “tyranny of numbers” phrase that propelled Uhuru and Ruto to their second term in 2017, warns that the people will turn against him if he fails to heed.

The technical aide to retired President Uhuru told Dr Ruto not to turn elites to his enemies.

“Dear Ruto: Take TIME to study why Uhuru introduced SUBSIDIES on Unga and FUEL. And why he USED Kaazi Mtaani to protect the poor. Populism and showbiz will HURT you. Uhuru and the ELITE are NOT your enemies. The People will BECOME your Enemy. Advice from a FREN,” Ngunyi tweeted on Tuesday.

Ngunyi tweeted shortly after Dr Ruto announced that Uhuru’s Kazi Mtaani initiative had been abolished and the youth will instead be hired under his affordable housing program.

According to the Head of State, more than 2,500 young people will profit from the program being implemented across the country, 2,000 more than under the Uhuru-era initiative.

“Kazi Mtaani is now outdated. Collecting garbage is not going to be the case anymore; Houses will now be our business and the youths are going to get jobs,” announced Ruto.

President Ruto was speaking when he officiated the ground-breaking for the Soweto B Affordable Housing Program in Nairobi’s Kibra Constituency on Tuesday.

Retired President Uhuru launched the Kazi Mtaani initiative in April 2020 to provide a livelihood for many youths who were left jobless due to the ravages of Covid-19 pandemic.