The new Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza met with a rude shock when she made her way into the Meru County Assembly to make her address on Wednesday afternoon.

A crowd of rowdy youth first attacked her convoy while she was making her way into the Meru County Assembly, forcing police officers to lob tear gas to disperse them first before she could access the county assembly premises.

Once inside, the real trouble in form the form of hostile MCAs who accused the governor of disrespect and sidelining walked out on Kawira awaited.

The irate MCAs walked out on her during what would have been the official opening of the county assembly.

To add salt to the injury, the MCAs broke into a song Kawira’s husband Murega Baicu sang during her inauguration to tell off her competitors in essence giving her a taste of her own medicine.

In their rendition of Baicu’s song, the MCAs praised the current Meru County Assembly Speaker Ayub Bundi while mocking Kawira.

"Ayub twende, Ayub twende...twende twende...Ayub twende... Kawira bye Kawira bye bye bye Kawira bye," which loosely translates to let’s go Ayub, bye bye Kawira in English.

The chanting MCAs-cum-artistes denied Kawira entry into the assembly, prompting her to give her address outside the chambers.

Kawira was accused of disregarding their demands and refusing to grace their requests to have discussions for the past two weeks.

The MCAs also said Kawira and her officers have humiliated them by demanding they be acknowledged as elected leaders.

Kawira’s troubles started when she involved her husband in county matters and it was said she paid her husband Sh2 million for performing during her inauguration.

She also appointed him as the Meru Youth Service Patron and ‘ambassador of Meru Hustlers.’