Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has accused Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna of having a bias against women.

Cherargei was reacting on Thursday to Sifuna’s assertions that former Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa and former Gatundu North MP Moses Kuria were not fit to hold cabinet secretary positions.

Cherergei defended Jumwa, saying she was competent enough to hold the office and if Sifuna had a problem with her integrity, then he should raise the matter with the Committee of Appointment.

The senator claimed the ODM brigade is bitter because Jumwa abandoned them for the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

“When honourable Aisha Jumwa left ODM, I don’t know why the SG of ODM, my brother Senator Sifuna is bitter about Aisha Jumwa.

"Aisha Jumwa as us in Kenya Kwanza, she is competent enough. If Senator Sifuna has a problem, he should bring it before the appointment committee to object or petition so that when vetting process is done of Aisha Jumwa he can raise,” Cherargei said.

Cherergei also pulled out the gender cart and accused Sifuna and ODM of fighting women and endangering women empowerment in the country.

“By the way in my culture, if you start fighting with a woman it is embarrassing. Why are ODM hell-bent on fighting a woman? They are endangering the empowerment of women in this country and I hope woman rights groups must call out senator Sifuna after this. 

“In fact, he should be demonstrated against because even if there are issues that are facing Honourable Aisha Jumwa there are counts of law.”

Cherergei emphasised that Jumwa was competent enough to be in that office gauging from the way she has defended their party and the Kenya Kwanza Government.

He noted that when one is in the cabinet, they serve at the pleasure of the president.