Trade unions in the country are now threatening to lead a push for the disbandment of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) accusing it of overstepping its mandate.

Public sector trade unions have accused SRC of converting into a major hindrance to the execution of agreements workers in the various unions have penned with their employers.

The trade unions are now threatening to start the process of collecting one million signatures to push to disband the commission saying it has failed in executing its mandate.

The secretaries general of the unions accused SRC of interfering with the negotiations and implementations of their various Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)

They further accused the Lyn Mengich-led commission of making decisions singly without any accountability and they have vowed to seek the intervention of President William Ruto.

Dr Charles Mukhwaya, the Kenya Universities Staff Union (KUSU) Secretary-General, accused the commission of meddling in CBAs by issuing advisories they term unrealistic.

“In the coming days, we shall start a multi-pronged approach whose ultimate goal is to disband SRC,” warned Dr Mukhwaya.

He added: “We call upon all workers to join us in this noble duty of restoring the industrial harmony between workers and employers through CBA negotiations, signing and implementation without interference from an unresponsive, unaccountable and belligerent third party.”

The KUSU boss further accused the Mengich team making key monetary decisions without involving the public and other stakeholders, including the suspension of MPs allowances.

“We identify with parliamentarians and support calls for disbandment of the commission which, in our opinion, no longer serves the purpose for which it was formed,” he added.

Only last week Members of Parliament, in a meeting the Mengich team, threatened to defund and disband the commission if it does not restore their scrapped allowances.