President William Ruto is talking tough after bandits attacked a village in Turkana County leaving 11 people dead on Saturday.

In the early morning attack, suspected cattle rustlers from West Pokot raided a village in Namariat close to Kakitetei and killed eight police officers, area chief and two civilians.

In a post on social media on Sunday, President Ruto ossued a stern warning to the armed raiders saying his government will act decisively to tame cattle rustling.

He ordered security agencies to track down and deal with those found culpable.

“After receiving a comprehensive report on the Turkana/Pokot incident that led to 10 security/administration officers losing their lives, I have instructed security agencies to deal firmly, decisively and conclusively with those involved. Cattle rustling will stop na sio tafadhali,” Ruto tweeted on Sunday.

In a statement on Saturday, National Police Service spokesperson Bruno Shioso revealed that the killed police officers had been pursuing the bandits said to be Pokot after they raided the village in Turkana East and made away with an unknown number of livestock.


“The officers were in hot pursuit of Pokot bandits who had raided a village in Turkana East and made away with livestock. A local chief, two (2) members of the public and eight (8) police officers succumbed to the injuries,” said Shioso in the statement.

But Shioso assured that police were on the trails of the cattle rustlers who were on the run while terming the incident as a cowardly attack.

He added: “NPS reassures the public that all necessary measures shall be taken to restore security and safety in the region.”