Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior has asked President William Ruto to release subsidised seeds ahead of the short rains season expected in October.

Mutula said as large-scale farmers in the Rift Valley require subsidised fertilisers, farmers from the South Eastern region of the country should also receive subsidised seeds and fertilisers.

"While the big farmers from North Rift need the subsidised fertiliser, the people of South Eastern region can get the benefit of subsidized seeds and the fertiliser," Mutula said.

The president announced the fertiliser subsidies during his inaugural speech on Tuesday, reducing the price of fertiliser by Sh3,000 from Sh6,500 to Sh3,500.

Mutula also revealed Makueni County is running low on resources because it is yet to receive funds from the National Government since June 2022.

"We have no resources because the government is holding them like Makueni county has not received their release of funds since June of this year," he said.

Mutula also called for a meeting between the National Government and the county governments to resolve the issue of the long drought which impacted Kenyans across the country.

Mutula lauded Ruto’s idea of releasing funds and transferring some functions to the Counties as he congratulated him for being the country’s fifth president.