An Akorino pastor who was accused of abusing sexually and impregnating his two underage daughters has been jailed for 140 years. 

The Baricho court in Kirinyaga County sentenced John Gichira Gicini to serve 70 years for each count of defilement of his two daughters, one aged 16 and another 14. 

The 45-year-old Gicini was convicted by the Kirinyaga court after he pleaded guilty to the offences. 

While sentencing him, Senior principal magistrate Anthony Mwicigi said the offence committed by the Akorino pastor was grave and he deserved a deterrent sentence. 

"The accused abused his position as a father and ruined his daughters’ lives. It is a disgrace and taboo and the he deserves a long jail term," Mr Mwicigi said.

The clergyman from a local Akorino church was arrested on January 2 it is reported that his 16-year-old daughter has his 7-month-old baby and his 14-year-old daughter is 5 months pregnant. 

The convicted pastor admitted to the court that he had sexually abused his two teen daughters between June 2019 and August 2020.

Gicini hails from Kathaka village in Ndia Constituency and had gone into hiding after his sister-in-law Nancy Wambura Muriithi reported what had happened to the police.