You soon will not be able to stream your favourite football games via the popular pirate websites.

This follows a High Court order issued to Interned Service Providers (ISP) to block sports pirate websites that infringe on copyrighted content.

Justice Wilfrida Okwany made the ruling in favour of MultiChoice Kenya, which had moved to court in November 2019 to have Safaricom PLC and Jamii Telecom Limited compelled to block live sports streaming sites on their networks.

Okwany, in her findings stated that MultiChoice Kenya had lawfully issued valid take-down notices to Safaricom and Jamii Telecom and they should have complied with the requirement.

She also found that the ISPs are yet to give any lawful excuse for their failure to comply with the take-down notices.

Upon request, Okwany also granted Safaricom 72 hours to comply with the take-down notices.

The ISPs have opposed the takedown provision in the Copyright Amendment Act and sought to have the takedown provisions entirely repealed from the Act.

The Court of Appeal stayed an earlier High Court temporary order to the ISPs to block the said infringing content.

Sports lovers who cannot afford the MultiChoice package that comes with all the sports options will be at a loss once the new orders are effected.

It is much cheaper to stream and watch the games once you have an internet connection compared to subscribing to a DStv package.