Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition party presidential running mate Martha Karua has assured religious bodies their government with Raila Odinga will respect their rights.

Karua told religious leaders that the Azimio government will respect and uphold the freedom of worship as outlined in the Constitution if elected in the August 9 election.

Speaking to Kikuyu radio and tv stations on Monday, she took the chance to assure Kenyans that the Raila administration will respect the rule of law if it triumphs in the coming poll.

The former Justice Minister took a swipe at UDA presidential candidate William Ruto for constantly making assertions that Azimio was led by persons with little regard for religion.

"Even Jesus said that not all who call him Jesus will enter heaven. Being a Christian is not portrayed by carrying two bibles while going to church or quoting bible verses; rather it's portrayed by having good behaviours," said Karua.

She added, "In Azimio we respect the law and our track record shows. We shall respect all laws including laws of worship. So people should behaving as if they are deputy Jesus."

Karua reiterated Azimio government’s commitment to prioritize the fight against corruption.

"When you get to your office as a government employee and leave to go do other businesses yet you receive a salary at the end of the month that too is corruption."

She pledged her support for Raila to ensure he delivers the Azimio plans despite their previous differences including on the failed Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum bid.

"I was a minister in Kibaki's government before resigning. I delivered in the job I was given. When I resigned I did so respectfully. I respect my captain Raila and I will never disrespect him or Kenyans. I am ready to work for Kenyans, I pray that God guides me.

She further pledged that she will together with Raila pay special attention to taming the rising cost of living in their first 100 days in office to ease the heavy burden on Kenyans.

"Within our first 100 days in office, the Azimio government will reduce the cost of living. We will bring down the cost of food, petrol and other products and fight cartels that hinder development."