President Uhuru Kenyatta has joined other Kenyans in raising medical funds for popular actor Gibson Gathu Mbugua who plays the tough ‘Vioja Mahakamani’ court prosecutor.

Gibson Gathu Mbugua. PHOTO/COURTESY

Mbugua made a public appeal for medical funds to enable him to undergo a kidney transplant in July.

He has been ailing for some time with diabetes before kidney failure which kicked in around 2020.

According to Mbugua, he needed to raise Sh6 million to undergo the medical procedure at Mediheal Facility in Eldoret.

He opted for the transplant because dialysis was eating into his resources and the insurance could not cover every visit to the hospital.

“Dialysis is expensive. Your insurance cover gets exhausted and you start spending off your pocket. You know, insurance is limited. Every day you visit, the dialysis is from Sh10,000 and you have to go three times a week, and they don’t pay for the third,” Mbugua said.

Mbugua revealed that Uhuru sent his personal donation of Sh2 million to the medical fund's drive which was held at Charter Hall in Nairobi.

“President Kenyatta who is a good friend did send his personal donation of Sh2 million,” Mbugua said.

Apart from the president, Mbugua also received donations from Kenyans in the diaspora and local artists, drawing him much closer to his target.

The thespian further said the surgery was not so costly but noted that post-surgery care is what makes the treatment expensive.

“Actually, the cost of surgery is not that expensive. What is expensive is the post-surgery care because those drugs are very expensive,” he said.

“The anti-rejection drugs are very expensive, and there is no use having a transplant while I can’t get the drugs, which I’ll consume for the rest of my life. That’s why we need Sh6 million for the post-care.”

He also revealed that he already has a donor who is a relative of his but did not disclose their identity.

Gibson Gathu Mbugua. PHOTO/COURTESY

Mbugua, on behalf of his family thanked Uhuru for his support at this time of need.

 "We as a family and the committee thank him for the support," he said.

With the transplant, Mbugua says he believes he would be back on his feet and continue to entertain Kenyans.