Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition party presidential candidate has lauded Justice Vincent Adet of the Mombasa Law Courts for his rare act of benevolence in which he set a couple free on humanitarian grounds.

The couple, namely Evans Odhiambo and his wife Saumu Ali, pleaded guilty to stealing a bale of wheat flour from Grain Industries Limited.

Raila took to his social media accounts to express his doting remarks to the magistrate for his humanitarian deed.

“I commend Mombasa Magistrate, Vincent Adet who on humanitarian grounds set free a couple who admitted guilt to charges of stealing a bale of flour due to hunger and for fundraising for them,” Raila said.

Apart from setting the couple free, Adet proposed a fundraiser towards Saumu’s food kitty, which he kicked off by contributing Sh1000.


In his ruling, Adet said he considered the circumstances under which the offence was committed and sympathised with the situation.

“On humanitarian grounds, especially for the first accused person, I have considered the circumstances under which the offence was committed and I sympathise with her situation, with three kids under her care and no source of income and am of the view that let buy her a bale of wheat flour and some meat for today,” Adet said.

The accused woman identified as Saumu Ali confessed to the arresting officer that she only stole the goods to feed her 3 children.

On that note, Raila said Azimio Coalition’s priority is to lower the cost of living, which has skyrocketed to enable Kenyans to afford basic needs.

“Our top priority as Azimio will be lowering the cost of living,” Raila said.

Raila had pledged to free petty offenders when he becomes president.

He was speaking against the backdrop of a similar case which took place last April in which a jobless you man was sentenced to a year in prison or pay a Sh100,000 fine after pleading guilty to shoplifting at a Naivas Supermarket.

Raila criticised the judicial system for prioritising the arrest of petty offenders other than tightening the noose on the high-profile individuals facing charges such as corruption