President Uhuru Kenyatta lashed out presumably at his deputy William Ruto for abandoning his post, especially when he needed him the most.

Uhuru was speaking at the Nyayo National Stadium during the celebration of World Labour day.

The head of state faulted Kenyans who rejected the BBI Constitutional Amendment because it would have solved some contentious issues.

“Atwoli my friend. I and brother Raila struggled and went all around this country saying give us an opportunity to amend this constitution because there are some clauses that are not favouring Kenyans. You saw us sweating when we were looking…some people said they did not want that. You will answer the same in the forthcoming elections,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru went all out in a no holds barred attack on his critics who have always blamed him for the current economic situation in the country. He said leaders need to come together and find solutions to problems facing Kenyans instead of blaming one another for problems they did not cause.

“We should not be liars. and let me tell you, there is nothing as hard as that time when the country and the entire world has many different problems. Problems whose solving requires leaders. Problems that have a need for leaders to sit together and discuss the tough situation. I want to thank you Kenyans because things have been tough not only for Kenyans. Kenyans did not bring Covid-19. It is not Kenyans who brought the disease that has caused millions across the world to lose their lives and more millions to lose their jobs. That was not because of Uhuru or any other person,” the president said.

Uhuru further noted the current rise in the prices of basic commodities as he absolved himself from the blame that his critics have apportioned him. He criticised the leaders who are quick to blame him for the country’s problems, but only trade insults instead of offering solutions.

“And when we try to find solutions to redeem ourselves, we are coming out and seeing ways, some people have started wars that we do not even understand, the same that have caused the prices of fuel and foodstuff is some countries to hike and causing us more problems.

Instead of leaders coming together to ponder how to remedy the situation…how will we help one another? Some people are going out there to incite the citizens ‘hey look prices have hiked, ask Uhuru’…Am I in Ukraine, what am I doing there? Was I even there to bring Covid?” Uhuru posed.

“Instead of coming to me and telling me ‘I have this pieces of advice and this or that way that we can help our people as we wait for these problems to be over, you go to the marketplace trading insults. Yet you call yourself a leader. You pride yourself to be in a certain position in the hierarchy of Kenya. Where are you? Instead of helping me solve the problem, you’re in the marketplace saying ‘ask that person'. You should have vacated and let me look for someone who could assist me. let us be honest.”

Uhuru also defended his decision to work with the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition leader Raila Odinga asking where Ruto was when he needed him. He expressed his gratitude to Raila for his assistance and emphatically cautioned against insults.

A time comes when we really have to speak the truth. You know very well that this is nobody’s problem. Where are you when I need you? That is why I thank that old man because even if he had his own things he came and assisted me. And that is the true position of matters, and he knew this is nobody’s problem but the country’s, the world’s, how will we help one another and rescue our citizens? I'm telling you, insults and empty promises take you nowhere.