Two police officers who were involved in a public brawl with Kayole DCIO Jackson Owino inside a pub in Kasarani have been interdicted.

The incident that occurred last week was captured on a CCTV camera and had gone viral online.

In the video, the two officers, one in uniform and the other one in civilian were seen harassing Owino who was just seated at the bar enjoying his drinks.

Things escalated and the officer in uniform drew his gun and pointed it at Owino threatening to shoot him if he did not comply with their demand.

According to the police report, the DCIO had taken his official vehicle for a wash at Seasons Lounge in Kasarani when he notices a lady identified as Elizabeth Wangari smoking inside the bar.

Wangari started hurling unprintable insults at Owino and even told him he should know people before she stormed out of the premises only to return moments later accompanied by the two police officers identified as Charles Maina and Marwa Matiko.

Turns out that Wangari had reported to the two officers that Owino was harassing her. When the officers came in, they immediately accosted Owino and demanded to know why he was harassing Wangari.

An argument ensued and revellers got scared and fled the scene, leaving the two officers, unknown to them, manhandling their superior.

The argument escalated to a physical push and pull as the officers disarmed Owino and took away his official firearm.

At a certain point, the police report says Matiko walked out of the bar and fired four rounds from his rifle.

"The said PC Matiko went ahead to walk out of the bar and fired four 9mm rounds from his Scorpion rifle," the report says.

After disarming the DCIO, the officers cuffed Owino and frogmarched him to Kasarani Police Station amid serving him hot blows and kicks.

Matiko even fired two rounds in the air from Owino’s firearm on their way to the police station.

After arriving at the police station, Owino was placed immediately in custody before the intervention of a senior officer who was on duty.

The senior officer’s intervention revealed that Owino was a DCIO turning the tables on Matiko and Maina who were immediately locked up in the police cell.

The police Internal Affairs Unit has taken up the investigation into the incident.