NARC-Kenya party leader Martha Karua has taken Deputy President William Ruto by the horns and accused him of being corrupt.

While speaking in Lokichogio during an Azimio la Umoja - One Kenya rally, Karua said Ruto was a leader who cannot take care of the resources of Kenya.

Karua said Ruto is only good at offering empty promises to hoodwink Kenyans into voting for him and once he ascents to power, we will go back on his promise and instead plunder public resources.

Therefore, Karua said the deputy president cannot be trusted with the leadership of this country.

“There are some people who will promise you but you as pastoralists understand a hyena cannot take care of a goat. A corrupt person is like a hyena. If you leave Kenya’s resources in his hands, they will all be plundered,” Karua said.

Karua said only Raila can take care of Kenya’s resources, unlike his competitors.

“If you are asked why we are calling him ‘Baba’, tell them we are calling him that because he is the one who brings safety to avoid disturbance by neighbours, as I heard is currently the case. It is ‘Baba’ who ends hunger, fights for the rights of every Kenyan and protects our resources,” Karua said.

“Baba will protect wealth, and you will have water. Hospitals will be fully stocked with medicine.”