Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga has made a cutting rejoinder to Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria’s remarks about him not being circumcised.

Raila was speaking in Teso, Busia County on Friday when he began his four-day campaign trail in the Western Kenya region.

The former Prime Minister posed a few questions pertinent to Kuria regarding his business with another man’s anatomy or how he knew Raila did not undergo the rite of passage that is practised by some communities in the country.

“My first question, how do you know that Raila is not circumcised? Secondly, you are a man like Raila, what is your business with his body parts. We have seen all the tribes in Kenya intermarrying each other. Why haven’t we seen the ladies complaining? You must be gay to raise such matters,” Raila posed.

Raila pointed out that Kuria insulted not only him or the people from the Luo community but all other communities that do not practice the rite.

“That person is not only abusing me and the people of the Luo community but all the other communities that do not practice circumcision. They are simply telling you that you and your children are incapable of leading,” Raila added.

He further stated that Kuria and his likes have lost it, especially by making other men’s genitals a subject of discussion in public fora.

While addressing a Kenya Kwanza rally in Gatundu, Kuria alluded President Uhuru Kenyatta, by supporting Raila, was going against an oath allegedly administered in 1969 that prohibited the Mount Kenya community from supporting leaders from communities that do not practice circumcision.

Kuria went as far as saying it was President Jomo Kenyatta who administered the oath personally.

“Uhuru is going against his father’s wish by supporting Raila Odinga and he knows what Kenyatta said. We even took an oath never to support Raila for the presidency, and that is why we are backing Ruto,” Kuria said.