Businessman turned politician Jimmy Wanjigi’s woes are far from over with the emergence of a woman who claims ownership of the Westlands piece of land in dispute.

Cissy Kalunde Musembi has moved to court seeking to be enjoined and an interested party in the case in which Wanjigi obtained orders barring the Inspector General of Police and Director of Public Prosecutions from arresting him and his wife Irene Nzisa.

Cissy argues that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) established that Wanjigi is a key player in a syndicate that allgedly forged ownership documents of the said parcel of land.

According to the court documents, there was an urgent need to consider the rejoinder application of the interested party before the directions were issued in the matter.

“There is urgent need for the court to consider the joinder application of the Interested Party/ Applicant before the directions are issued in the matter to allow the court to see through the fraud and theft that was hatched and designed,” the court documents read in part With the aim of fraudulently snatching away from the Interested Party/ Applicant the property known as Land Reference Number 1870/11/200 comprised in grant registered as number IR. No.65800/1," the court documents read in part.

Cissy also said the barring order was issued although there was misdirection and withholding of material facts from the court and in essence, protecting the people who wanted to commit fraud and swindle her of her property.

Wanjigi was dramatically arrested from his office on January 18 and was arraigned in court on January 19 from where he was released on grounds of conservatory orders issued by The High Court through Magistrate Bernard Ochoi.

"In light of the submissions by the parties herein, it is noted that the high court issued conservative orders. Therefore, this matter cannot proceed unless the petition is heard," said Ochoi.

Wanjigi was arrested in connection to a conspiracy to commit a felony and forgery of a title deed of the Sh56 billion land on which they built his office building Kwacha House.