Kenya Shipyards Limited (KSL) is expected to initiate a major transformation in the maritime sector and improve services offered to customers in Kenya, East Africa and the entire Africa.

The state corporation that has since been incorporated as a private limited company will offer services in ship refitting, maintenance and guidance in electrical and mechanical installations.

It will also offer other services like construction of Maritime infrastructure for Yacht clubs, ports, Mining businesses and Marinas for government agencies and other construction companies.

So far, Kenya has only two such ship manufacturing facilities; one shipyard is in Mombasa and the other is in Kisumu County.

The two facilities will play a key role in spearheading the manufacturing pillar, which is part of the Big 4 agenda that was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The shipyards will also boost the economy between East and Central Africa in areas of trade, industry, skill transfer, job creation and other marine services.

The two facilities will save shipping companies and all their clients time and resources as there will be no need to take ships abroad for the same services available locally.