The Directorate of Criminal investigations (DCI) has lauded the actions of the Machakos shopkeeper who refused to sell and register SIM cards to the three terror convicts who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison a week ago.

According to a DCI tweet, the trio tried to establish contact with their accomplices in the underworld once they got out of prison.

They bought two mobile phones and tried to register SIM cards, but the shop attendant jeopardised their plans when he insisted they produce Identity Cards for the registration process, which apparently they did not have.

“They had also bought two mobile phones and were attempting to register SIM cards, when the actions of a selfless, patriotic shop attendant jeopardized their plans and saved the country immeasurably. The convicts who did not have Identity Cards had prevailed upon a shop,” the DCI said.

The DCI revealed the terrorists pleaded with the shop attendant to just register them and even offered a fee for the service, but the attendant refused.

“They desperately pleaded with the attendant to facilitate them at a fee but the attendant was adamant that unless they produced their national identification documents, then no help would come their way,” DCI revealed.

DCI said the simple action of the shop attendant of turning down an offer to make illegal profit saved the country.

making the correct decision to do what is right regardless of the potential gain did not only demonstrate the shop attendant’s steadfastness but also his fidelity to the law.

The DCI urged all Kenyans to borrow a leaf from the shopkeeper’s actions.

“The Directorate of Criminal Investigations urges all Kenyans to emulate this great example, no matter how sweet the deal may be,” the DCI said.

The DCI said they celebrated the shop attendant who did not bow to greed at the expense of his country’s security.

“To the shop attendant in Machakos who chose to do what is right instead of making quick profit, we celebrate you!” the DCI said.

The three terror convicts; Musharaf Abdallah Akhulunga alias Shukri, Mohamed Ali Abikar and Joseph Juma Odhiambo alias Yusuf were arrested by police while on the run in Kitui County after members of the public tipped off the police.