Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has claimed Kenyan embassy officials in Berlin, Germany have refused to comply with the court’s directive to issue him with travel documents.

Miguna took to his Twitter account to share the information and a photo of him leaving the embassy.

This comes even after High Court judge Hedwig Ong’udi issued orders to the Kenyan government and embassy to issue Miguna with temporary travel documents.

Miguna arrived at the embassy in the afternoon.

According to his tweet one Emma Mabinda, Karuma and Esther Muthgai were warned not to comply with Justice Ong’udi’s order unless they wanted to lose their jobs.

“Ushered to the Boardroom by Emma Mabinda, Karuma and Esther Mungai and told that if they comply with Justice Ong'udi's Order and issue me with a Travel Document, they would lose their jobs,” Miguna said.

He further claimed Mabinda specifically told him that she had received instructions from Nairobi not to comply with the Court order.

“Emma Mabinda specifically told me that she has received INSTRUCTIONS from Nairobi not to comply with the Court Order,” Miguna wrote.

Miguna said Mabinda asked him for proof of Kenyan citizenship, particularly a certificate of regaining entry which apparently Miguna did not have.

Instead, Miguna asked the embassy official to show him the “certificate of losing citizenship”. Mabinda then dismissed the court order as a rumour or insinuated that the court order was appealed.

“I asked her to show me the "Certificate for Losing Citizenship," but she stated that she did not have the same. Mr. Karuma then said that "the court Order you are speaking about is rumours and maybe has been appealed." Impunity all over the place,” Miguna tweeted.