The Principal Secretary, State Department of Interior and Citizen Services Karanja Kibicho has denied the involvement of his office in DP Ruto’s fiasco at Wilson Airport on Monday.

Kibicho said that the DP seems to have presented unsatisfactory documentation to the immigration officials at the airport, leaving them with no option but to bar him from leaving the country.

The particular document Kibicho was referring to was the clearance document from the Head of Civil Service.

Kibicho listed all the necessary documents that are currently required of any civil servant before they travelled. 

“I’ll say this, before you travel, you need to have a visa, a ticket, a COVID-19 free certificate, and if you’re a civil servant, you need to have a letter of clearance. If he actually had all those, I would be surprised that he was stopped,” he said.

The PS also said if what the DP said is anything to go by, that he has been travelling without the relevant documents, then it was a lapse on the immigration department.

“…if he ever travelled without them, the immigration officer failed, and you can’t accuse another one who has chosen not to fail, but those are facts I don’t have,” said Kibicho.

Ruto said he has been travelling in a private capacity to various destinations and never at one instance did he need clearance.