US President Donald Trump has announced that he has authorized the emergency use of a number of drugs that he claimed have the ability to "cure" the Coronavirus. 

Speaking from outside the White House, Trump said he had taken the said Regeneron therapeutics and that he felt good immediately after hence his move to authorize the emergency use by those at risk owing to the novel virus. 

Trump, who together with First Lady Melania Trump tested positve for Covid-19 last week, said he felt “great” after taking the new promising drug and promised Americans he would work hard to ensure the drug is availed in hospitals soonest. 

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He added that the drug will be administered to Americans for freeand will be distributed by the military, even as he said, oce again without providing any proof, that a Covid-19 vaccine would be out before the November presidential poll.   

Trump continued to blame China, where the first virus case was reported, for the Coronavirus pandemic that has left more than 211 thousand Americans dead vowing China will pay for it. 

Here is the full video shared by Trump: 


This comes even as Trump is being bashed for endangering the lives of White House staff and Secret Service guards by walking around without a mask and ignoring other Covid-19 protocols.

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He has also received a backlash for downplaying of the severity of the novel virus with 7.54 million cases reported so far in America.