A rogue driver of a city PSV matatu who was caught on camera insulting and threatening a motorist on the highway before smashing the vehicle windscreen with his bare hands has been arrested.

The driver of the commuter matatu linked to the Mataara Sacco with registration number KCK 114P was captured on camera in road rage in a video recorded by a woman motorist on her mobile phone.

In the video, the rogue driver, now identified as Fredrick Nyamwanda, dares the lady to continue recording her but there was nowhere she would take her, “Wewe nipige video haina shida,” and lady urges him on.

The driver then rams the matatu onto the car’s left side and breaks the side mirror and vowing that he would not pay for the damages as the terrified woman vows to pursue the matter.

The rogue driver identified as Fredrick Nyamwanda and the matatu. PHOTO/COURTESY

He then smashes the vehicle’s windscreen then drives off, in a video that went viral attracting wide outrage prompting police to swing into action to look for the driver who went into hiding.

He was arrested in Thika and taken to a police station in Thika, Kiambu county and the PSV matatu impounded as he awaits arraignment on Monday.

It remains unclear what started the commotion between the personal car driver and the irate matatu driver with police investigating the truth on the ugly scenes captured in the viral video.