A defiant Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday told his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, that he would not resign from the government.

Ruto instead said he would continue working with President Kenyatta to realise development and the pledges they made to Kenyans.

The DP spoke a day after Kenyatta dared him to resign instead of criticising the government from within while taking credit for its successful development projects.

Speaking at Ngaremara in Isiolo, Ruto vowed to continue to respect the Head of State and decisions he makes and will work diligently despite being relieved of some his official duties.

“I will continue respecting the decisions of the President because he is the one in charge and who calls the shots. I will not undermine his decisions but continue discharging my roles,” he said.


He, however, lambasted ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga for criticising the Jubilee government’s development track record accusing him of bringing confusion into the ruling party.

“You cannot say you are with us and then ask about laptops and stadia, and claim Jubilee has done nothing. If you cannot see what the government has done, it is time to exit,” Ruto added.

Ruto was, however, forced to cut short one of his roadside rallies in Isiolo after a section of the crowd heckled him while chanting slogans in support of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).