A Nairobi court has convicted a man for causing grievous bodily harm to a woman by tossing her off the 12th floor of Ambank House in Nairobi for rejecting his sexual demands.

In its ruling, the court established that the actions by the accused, Moses Njoroge, were unjustified and that he had further not shown any remorse after committing the crime.

Njoroge was charged before magistrate Esther Kimilu with the offence against Eunice Wangari on September 13, 2020 after they are said to have met for a date in the CBD.

The court in Nairobi was told how the accused hit the face of the complainant many times in a bid to force her to put on her shoes after tossing her off the 12th floor of the building.

Wangari narrated to the court how she met Njoroge through Facebook and later accepted his request for a physical meeting that would act as their initial date on the said day.

She told the court that she departed from her parents’ home in Karura and went to the city center to meet her then alleged boyfriend at Ambank House where his office was located.

They then went for lunch and came back the office building while carrying an alcoholic drink which they partook of on the 12th floor up to around 7:30pm when she begged to leave.

Wangari said it is then that all hell broke loose as the irked man insisted they spend the night together and after a quarrel threw her off the 12th floor causing her to fall three floors down.

Due to the injuries sustained she got admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) in Nairobi where she received specialized treatment for pelvic injuries for about two months.

Njoroge is set to be sentenced on December 1, 2022 following his conviction on Thursday .