A Member of Parliament is counting his losses after losing Sh700,000 to three criminals in the city.

According to sources privy to the police report, the incident occurred on Monday night when the legislator was driving along the busy Waiyaki Way from an entertainment joint when three armed men accosted him and commandeered his vehicle towards Muthiga.

One criminal first flagged down the MP at the James Gichuru-Waiyaki Way junction and gestured at him to roll down his window.

When he complied, other thugs joined their accomplice before gaining forceful entry into his vehicle and commandeering the vehicle.

The thugs later tied up the MP, blindfolded him and threw him into the backseat of his own vehicle.

“He was ordered to lower the car window down and the robber was joined by his two accomplices,” the source said.

“The trio then forced their way into the vehicle, ordering him to drive to Muthiga.”

The criminals, who by then had full control of the vehicle and were speeding towards Karen ordered the legislator to surrender his money and other valuables before ransacking his vehicle and stumbling upon the cash hidden under the driver’s seat.

Upon finishing their mission, the thugs abandoned the MP and his vehicle at Miotoni Road before switching to a getaway car which was on standby.

"He was abandoned together with his vehicle as the robbers escaped in a getaway white Toyota Probox whose registration number was not taken," the source said.

The shaken legislator reported the robbery to Karen Police Station on Monday morning.

Luckily, the criminals did not hurt the MP during the ordeal.