President William Ruto has acquired a new Aide-De-Camp to replace Timothy Stelu Lekolool, whom he inherited from immediate former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ruto’s new ADC is Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga, who is from the Kenya Army, and he has already taken over from Lekolool.

In the same regard, President Ruto has promoted Lekolool to the position of Brigadier and he has now been redeployed to the Department of Defence (DOD) headquarters in Nairobi.

Lieutenant Colonel Damaris Agnetta, who is also from the Kenya Army, will deputise Lengusuranga, who could already be seen behind the Head of State at public functions.

Agnetta is taking over as Deputy ADC from Racheal Nduta Kamui, who has now also been promoted to a full Colonel and, like Lekolool, deployed to the DoD based in Nairobi.

Both Lekolool and Nduta hailed from the Kenya Navy.

The Aide-De-Camp is the military officer always seen standing behind the President, who is the Head of State and Commander-In-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces at official events.