Parents are expected to dig deeper into their pockets for more fees if the changes proposed by the Ministry of Education for Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) are implemented.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha is pushing for the transition of Grade 6 pupils into private schools instead of public schools for Junior Secondary Secondary education in 2023 as previously suggested.

Magoha says that is because many private schools complied with the CBC directive from the Education Ministry therefore parents will have to pay fees as stipulated by the private schools.

The CS said the government’s offer to move along with private schools was to encourage them to expand inclusivity during the CBC transition period.

"The issue of the government offering to move along with the private schools was a way of encouraging them to expand inclusivity in the transitioning period of the competency-based curriculum," Magoha said.

Magoha encouraged primary schools in urban areas to upgrade into junior high schools; many have since done so.

"We had encouraged the primary schools, especially in the urban areas to upgrade into junior high schools and a large number has done so and we are looking to get between 3000 and 4000 classrooms from there," he said.

While noting that 20,000 classrooms are currently available, Magoha said it was the incoming administration’s duty to construct the remaining 20,000 units for the program.

"20,000 classrooms are available, it is the duty of the incoming government to ensure the remaining 20,000 classrooms are constructed," Magoha stated.

Concerning the portal that the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) opened for Grade 6 pupils to select the Junior Secondary School of their choice, Magoha said it might not be available in the coming years because the transition is one of a kind and the first one in Kenya.

He also said only compliant private schools will be allowed into the portal since they are business entities.

"Private schools would only come to the portal when they have conformed, since they are businesses, you can't force them," Magoha said.

KNEC also set guidelines for the Grade 6 examinations, which will be taken in November 2022.

The expected changes by the Education Ministry have thrown parents into confusion as a section of them hope to become part of President William Ruto’s education task force to be formed for purposes of reviewing the curriculum.