The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has dismissed reports across social media claiming their database of three years has been deleted.

NHIF assured Kenyans that the database was intact as nobody has interfered with it.

“Attention is drawn to social media posts alleging that the NHIF database for the last three years has been deleted. NHIF would like to categorically assure Kenyans that the database is intact and has not been tampered with in any way, as alleged in the various misleading social media posts,” NHIF said.

NHIF further asked Kenyans to disregard the reports, which it dismisses as misleading.

“NHIF would like to appeal to the public to disregard the misleading social media posts,” the statement read.

They also welcomed members to interrogate the database and confirm the history of their contributions through their self-care platforms.

“Members can interrogate the database and check the history of their contributions through available self-care platforms: Dial USSD code *155#, download 'My NHIF' App, web portal, or send SMS (type your ID no. i.e. ID 22334455) to the NHIF shortcode 1550,” NHIF said.

NHIF said it is committed to continued delivery of quality health insurance services, including regular member access in contracted hospitals across the country, based on information captured in the database.