The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has issued a statement addressing the misinformation that has been circulating across the media regarding the proposed Mombasa-Nairobi Expressway project.

In the statement, KeNHA dismissed reports that the contract has been awarded to Korean Overseas Infrastructure and Urban Development Corporation, Africa.

KeNHA affirmed the contract is yet to be awarded to any entity and clarified that the Korean Overseas Infrastructure and Development Corporation (KIND) only presented a pre-feasibility study report for the development of the highway.

“The Korean Overseas Infrastructure and Development Corporation (KIND) presented a Pre-Feasibility Studies Report for development of the Highway based on a PPP model on 29 July 2022, and they are open to submit a Privately Initiated Investment Proposal (PIIP) in line with the requirements under PPP (Public Private Partnership) Act, 2021,” the statement read in part.

Secondly, KeNHA clarified that it has not dropped Bechtel saying it is still working on its best PPP structure for the project.

The authority also revealed a US Capital Investment Company named Everstrong Capital has also expressed interest in developing the corridor in partnership with Bechtel.

On the project’s commencement timelines, KeNHA said the project will commence upon completion of studies, design, negotiations and closure of all financial arrangements.

According to the authority, the construction of the Mombasa-Nairobi Expressway will probably take 5 years before completion.

“The construction of the project will likely take 5 years to complete and work will commence upon completion of studies, designs, negotiation and closure of all financing arrangements,” KeNHA said.

KeNHA also said the scope of work and source of financing of the project will be determined once all studies and necessary arrangements are complete.