Matatu operators across the country are pondering on hiking the fares following the hike in fuel prices.

This comes against the backdrop of the surge in fuel prices according to the latest Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) release of the maximum retail prices of petroleum products, which will be in force from Thursday to October 15, 2022.

The Matatu Welfare Association chairperson Dickson Mbugua on Thursday noted that matatu operators are conflicted about their next course of action as far as fare prices are concerned.

According to Mbugua, matatu operators are caught between hiking the fares to match the hike in fuel prices and maintaining the current fare prices and running at losses.

Mbugua disclosed that The Federation of Public Transport has convened a meeting on Tuesday to deliberate on the matter.

“We are convening a meeting on Tuesday, to discuss whether or not to increase fares because Kenyans have been hit hard and if we hike the cost, they may not comfortably afford them," Mbugua said.

Mbugua who also serves as the federation’s secretary said they were seeking an audience with the government to work out a way the Public Service Vehicles (PSV) sector can be cushioned from the biting fuel prices.

“We are looking to lobby the government to consider the PSV sector as an essential service and possibly give some kind of remedy or offer discounted rates,” Mbugua said.

In the recent review of fuel prices by EPRA, the pump prices of fuel hit a record high with super petrol retailing at Sh179.30 per litre, while diesel and kerosene will retail at Sh165 and Sh147 per litre respectively for the next month