An undercover Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officer shot and killed a thug who accosted him in Eastleigh on Saturday night.

According to the police report, the officer only identified as Abu had just come from a mosque in Ushiraka Estate at around 9 pm when two thugs on a motorbike accosted him.

The two criminals ransacked his pockets and dispossessed him of his wallet, mobile phone and any other valuables they could get their hands on before one thug fired a shot from his gun at Abu and narrowly missed his left ear.

Abu, in response quickly whipped out his firearm and returned the fire, killing one thug instantly.

The other thug quickly jumped on the motorbike and tried to flee on it. Unfortunately, the motorcycle did not start forcing the criminal to make a dash for a water culvert by the roadside.

Abu did not give up but followed him with a torrent of bullets which squarely punctured his buttocks.

However, that did not stop the thug but only gave him more reason to flee even with a wounded backside.

Police recovered the pistol and six rounds of live ammunition from the fallen thug and a preliminary ballistic report identified the firearm as the one that was snatched from a police officer in Naivasha who was attacked at his gate in Lakeview Estate on November 16, 2021.

The senior officer was left for dead with life-threatening injuries on his head inflicted by the criminals who attacked him and well-wishers rushed him to the hospital, saving his life.

Police impounded the motorcycle and cautioned medical practitioners to look out for the criminal whose description they gave as short, well-built and middle-aged with bullet wounds on his buttocks.