Police in Homa Bay County have arrested a couple during a crackdown that aims at flashing out criminal gangs in Homa Bay Town.

So far, police have rounded up 8 suspects since the two-day-old crackdown began.

The Homa Bay County Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Abed Kavoo confirmed the couple’s arrest.

Preliminary investigations have linked the couple to a burglary gang that has been terrorising residents of Homa Bay Town.

According to Kavoo, they were arrested in a rental house in an estate known as Shauri Yako in the town.

"The two suspects were arrested at a rental house in Shauri Yako Estate within Homa Bay Town," Kavoo said.

The police recovered several metal bars that they suspect were used during the gang's operation to break into homes, a trend that has recently gained popularity in the area.

"We recovered several metal bars that we suspect were being used by the gang to break into homes," the police said.

The police also said criminals always steal electronics and other household items.

The suspect couple was taken to Homa Bay Police Station where they are helping police with investigations before their arraignment in court.