The National Police Service (NPS) has addressed the viral video of a possible road rage incident in Kisumu City in which a vehicle was seen rear-ending another at a roundabout.

The NPS confirmed the incident happened in Kisumu on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the NPS statement issued on Twitter, the incident involved a renowned advocate and the police in a police Land Cruiser on its routine patrol within Kisumu CBD.

“NPS confirms that the incident occurred in Kisumu this afternoon where a renown advocate severally rear-ended the police Land Cruiser on patrol duties within the city,” NPS said.

A police officer who was in the police Toyota Land Cruiser crept out of the backdoor, discharged his firearm and immobilised the advocate's vehicle.

“This unfortunate action, which was conceived to be an act of terror, led to swift reaction by the police who promptly demobilized the vehicle by deflating its tyres,” the police said.

The motorist is seen speeding away after the police officer shot his tyres before he was followed and arrested.

Further investigations revealed the motorist was not mentally stable at the time of the incident and was taken to the hospital by the police for medical attention.