Tanzania’s Head of State Samia Suluhu has ordered all police officers who have gained pot bellies to return to training in order to lose some weight and regain their fitness.

While commemorating the completion of officers at Boma Kichaka Miba in Tanga, Suluhu said police officers need to be fit and without the pot-bellies to be effective in performing their duties.

“As I was inspecting the parade, I noticed those leading the march were veteran officers and among them were big-bellied officers. I have seen big bellies. We are not supposed to have officers with big bellies,” Suluhu said.

She emphasised that the officers she spotted having pot bellies should enrol for refresher training to regain their fitness.

“They should come back here so that they shed them off and be swift again in executing their duties,” Suluhu said.

Suluhu took over the leadership of Tanzania following the death of the late president John Pombe Magufuli in March 2021.